Oyster Gardening Manual

CLICK HERE to access the 2019 Mississippi Oyster Gardening Manual.

Oyster Gardening Permit – 2019

CLICK HERE to access a copy of the 2019 Oyster Gardening Permit from the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (MS DMR). All active gardening sites are required to have this on hand. 

Oyster Measurement Form

Want to provide measurements for your Oysters? CLICK HERE to access the fillable form. Or Download the PDF form and Instructions page HERE.

Oyster Gardening Volunteer Log

Need to log all your hours spent gardening? CLICK HERE to access the fillable form to document individual activities. Or download the PDF logs to be used throughout the gardening season HERE.

Shake Your Oysters

Remember to shake your oysters frequently. CLICK HERE for a video showing how to properly shake your gardens.